Alejandro Alonso Estrella

Alejandro is an experimental and documentary filmmaker from Pinar del Rio, Cuba. His work meditates on the ideological constructs of nationhood, homeland and access. Through experimentation with form and visual language he trifles with territorial limitations to reflect on alternative Cuban futures and reimagines the past.

Alejandro shared the archive behind the films:

The Son of a Dream | 2016, 9'
My uncle Julio César left for the United States during the Mariel Exodus in 1980. The letters and postcards that served as a bridge between him and our family.

Home | 2019, 8'
The people of Cuba have been condemned to wander. New images aspire to be definitive, with the hope of revealing the most intimate memory, the first home.

in residency
September 25 — October 2
September 25 — 29
From the photoboard of "Home"
Photoboard for "Home" - Screenshhot from "The Wizard of Oz"
There is no place like home.
Text presented to the Residence On / Off at the Cité de las Arts de Paris
From the photoboard of "Home"
Letter from Alejandro Alonso to Jesús Bach. December 27, 2017
Screenshots of a fake trip
Airviews shot via Google maps
Experiments with Google street view by Alejandro Alonso Estrella, 18 sec
Screenshots made through Google maps
First draft of "Home": La Ciudad Invisible - The Invisble City
Process materials for The Son Of The Dream
Teaser for "Resurreccion" and early draft of "The Son of a Dream" (VIDEO)