Mila Turajlić

In her work with archives, Mila researches the intersection of personal and national memories, always seeking to reactivate forgotten histories, through forms ranging from lecture performances and video art to analytical essays.

Debris from complex vessels – fragments from the non-aligned newsreels
Serbia, 2021, Live Lecture Performance, Color and B&W, Sounds, 60 min

This documentary lecture performance integrates unseen archival footage, sound recordings, uncovered documents and personal diaries to weave together the untold story of a trove of film archives kept in the former Yugoslav capital of Belgrade, filmed by the cameraman of Yugoslav President Tito. You may find process materials behind this lecture below.

in residency
October 2 – 14
Lecture Performance
October 3
still from The Labudovic Reels - Galeb 1
still from The Labudovic Reels - Galeb 2
still from The Labudovic Reels - Galeb 3
map: Tito trips on Galeb
Words x Vijay Nambiar, Belgrade 1961 :: New Delhi 2017
Extract of speech from President Sukharno of Indonesia, synchronized outtakes and found sound archives